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Re: New beta for 6.5.9 version

#11 Post by dotAge » Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:44 am

dotAge wrote:Hi Orux,

The TTS still has some words are not translated to Chinese:

Average Speed (平均速度), Both zh-TW & zh-CN are not translated, it was fine in old versions.
Pace (配速), Both zh-TW & zh-CN are not translated
Duration Units (Hours 小时, Minutes 分钟, Seconds 秒) zh-CN is not translated but zh-TW is fine.

BTW, the better convert pace to the format “MM minutes SS seconds”, usually the "15 minutes 30 seconds" is more intuitive than "15.5 minutes", Thanks!

Best Regards,
Sorry for misheard about the pace format because the TTS is not very clear. It sounds "15:30 minutes" not "15.5 minutes". The best TTS product in Chinese iFly speaks it unnaturally.
I believe that is very hard to have a common format for each language speaking well, so I suggest OruxMaps lets user customs the TTS strings by themselves. You just provide all the variables and a default template.


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Re: New beta for 6.5.9 version

#12 Post by jaimecy » Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:05 am

Desde hace unos días que volví a borrar el archivo db y renombrar el bueno no me ha vuelto a dar problemas, así que no sé qué daba problemas, el McAfee no porque sin él los primeros días me siguió desapareciendo los tracks en la app.

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