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OruxMaps is a FREE application for Android.

OruxMaps is a map viewer. It can work in two modes: online, and offline, with different map formats

With OruxMaps you can:

  • 100% free
  • 100% no adversisements
  • Online map viewer
  • The tiles used online can be cached, and can be used offline after
  • Create offline maps from online sources
  • Build composite maps from online map sources, with different values of transparency
  • Support to WMS online maps
  • Offline map viewer. Use maps calibrated with OruxMapsDesktop or MOBAC (Manuals and download section)
  • Mapsforge vectorial maps
  • Maps offline .rmap
  • Partial support to Garmin vectorial maps
  • Maps offline .mbtiles
  • Maps offline .ozf2
  • Save your tracks, waypoints and POI,s
  • Add photos/vodeos/audios to the wpts.
  • Suport to external GPS bluetooth
  • Support to external heartrate monitors bluetooth
  • Support to ANT+ (cadence, speed, heart rate, steps, temperature)
  • Map rotation
  • Export your tracks to different format files (gpx, kml and kmz)
  • Import/analize your tracks (gpx, kml and kmz)
  • Upload/download tracks from Everytrail.com
  • Live Tracking with MapMyTracks.com
  • Upload tracks to gpsies.com
  • Upload tracks to trainingstagebuch.org
  • Upload tracks to ikimap.com
  • Upload tracks to wikirutas.es
  • Upload tracks to openxplora.com
  • Connect with AIS devices (wifi, BT, USB)
  • Share your position with other people
  • And this is only the beginning!


EcwToMobileTool: Converts a pyramide of ECW raster maps to a ORUXMAPS, GALILEO or NAVIMAP compliant map.


GeoreferencingTool: Assembles a set of scanned map images to a seamless georeferenced raster map.


EcwHillshaderTool: Adds hillshades to an ECW raster map.


RussianMapsCreatorTool: Downloads russian military maps (of the Scale 1:50K, 1:100K, 1:200K or 1:500K), automatically georeferences them and finally adds hillshades to the maps.


WarpEcwTool: Reprojects an ECW file to a new target projection. In contrast to GDAL this tool can reproject raster maps of unlimited size



visor de mapasvisor de mapas

visor de mapasvisor de mapas

Aviation Charts and tools

Maps for USA: Chartbundle US Charts


QRouting for Android. Flight Planning


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