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Manual de OruxMaps (Español)

OruxMaps Manual (English)

OruxMaps Croatian By: Denis Popov

Oruxmaps(Japanese) By: Cheol-kyoon YOON

OruxMaps Kullanım Kılavuzu (Türkçe) By: O. Ofluoglu

OruxMaps (Finnish) By: Jouko

OruxMaps (Croatian translation of OM or Marc's tuto) By: Rusvaj

OruxMaps (Chinese) By: leleji

Hiking with OruxMaps (English) 2013-09-23By: Marc Torbey

OruxMaps (Português) By: LandLousã

OruxMaps (Руководство пользователя) By: Yuri

OruxMaps (Korean) By: Hyeon-Joo Park

Handleiding OruxMaps (Dutch) By: Frans Bönig

OruxMaps Handbuch (Deutsch) By: Stefan Hönes

OruxMaps (Français) By: Roger MARPAUX

OruxMaps (Slovakai) By: bmatias

OruxMaps (Italian version) By: Franco

A lot of information and tutos in Frech: topos-rando.fr

If you want to contribute with the translation to other language, contact with Orux

OruxMaps, other tutorials.

OruxMaps does not incorporate maps for offline browsing, you have to create/search for your own maps. Use these manuals for map creation.

Tutorial using MAPC2MAPC64 to calibrate maps (updated 15-06-2016)

OruxMapsDesktop manual. (updated 03-oct-2010)

Manual de OruxMapsDesktop (Spanish). News: support to .okm maps. (updated 21-jan-2012)

HOWTO create maps from scratch with MOBAC. (updated 07-feb-2010)

How to make maps for your trips, along a track; the efficient way, with MOBAC. (Thanks to Phillip Harris) (updated 19-jun-2011)

GERMAN HOWTO create maps for OruxMaps with mac (Thanks to brotbuexe!). (updated 23-APR-2010)

Jsigpac manual (spanish online maps source). (updated 02-jul-2009)

HOWTO .kap maps (nautical charts) (updated 07-feb-2010)

HOWTO FAA maps. (updated 07-feb-2010)

HOWTO BSB Raster maps. (updated 07-feb-2011)

Umwandlung von BSB Raster Charts. (updated 07-feb-2011)

Ako vytvoriť mapu do navigácie. (updated 02-aug-2011)

Tutorial about geocaching along a route. Thanks to Phillip Harris (updated 21-ene-2012)

Previous version Manual: OruxMaps 3.4.3

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